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Repairs and Resurfacing.

Are you a homeowner or working in someone’s property, and have a damaged bath, sink or shower tray?  We can get it fixed in no time, like the damage never happened in the first place.

Maybe the item needs to be fully resurfaced and restored due to wear and you need someone to get it looking great again for you?  Well you have come to the right place.  Click Repairs and Resurfacing Service to get more information and get a quote. 

Repairs or resurfacing service
DIY resurfacing products

DIY Shower Tray Resurfacing.

DIY Resurfacing.

If you are a pretty competent DIYer and want to have a new looking shower tray, we have got the How-To videos and products to get you there. 

The cost of resurfacing shower trays and kitchen sinks is typically a tiny fraction of the cost to replace them, along with the rest of the kitchen or bathroom.  Not only does it save money, resurfacing these items saves them from being discarded to landfill. Click DIY Resurfacing Products to go through to our SHOP.

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