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Bath, Sink and Shower Tray Repairs and Resurfacing

Hi my name is Grant, I am the owner of The Surface Saver.  We do bath, sink and shower tray repairs and resurfacing, and also provide you the products and knowledge to do resurfacing yourself.

How our Bath, Sink and Shower Tray Repairs Business Started

I used to work in an office and was always stuck in a dingy room with no windows.
Then I saw something that changed my life. I saw a photo of a bath repair that was done as part of an insurance claim. I instantly thought wow, that bath looks great again, without building or plumbing! I’ve got to learn how to do this.
So I started my own business and my journey to find the perfect repair and resurfacing techniques began.  
The Surface Saver

The Secret Adhesion Technique

Our search for the best repair techniques took me right across the country to Suffolk, where I found a guy who had been doing fantastic repairs and resurfacing for the last 20 years! He had extremely well developed techniques. His amazing results were due to a special combination of two adhesion products from America, that no one else was using.
That was a huge step forward! Thanks to them we took The Surface Saver’s results to the very highest level. I was so impressed by his techniques, that I bought his entire set up from him, materials, equipment, the lot (and nearly his company too)! 

The Benefits of Our Service

A client of ours had a total of four bathrooms/en-suites/WCs in his three-storey house. There were several ceramic chips, shower tray cracks and sink cracks throughout the house. Which meant the cost to replace everything would have run into the thousands. We attended the property and in just one day, repaired all of the damage for a tiny fraction of the replacement cost. See his testimonial in the graphic below!
Now, thanks to the amazing training we had in Suffolk, The Surface Saver is busy and it feels great to serve our customers at the very highest level.
The Surface Saver