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Bath and Shower Tray repairs and resurfacing

Repairs and resurfacing are becoming very popular because baths, sinks and shower trays tend to wear quickly and can look untidy. We repair all damage and wear on any colour or material, so you can always have a fresh looking bathroom.

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Sink repairs and resurfacing – Bathroom and Kitchen

Sinks, especially kitchen sinks, can be a real feature in a home. They are subject to a lot of use, but replacing them can often damage the surrounding worktops, tiles and splashbacks. Why not go for a super durable sink repair or sink full resurfacing instead?

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Shower tray repair and resurfacing

A lot of people these days are choosing to have a shower installed instead of a bath, but replacing damaged shower trays is often more hassle than replacing a bath! Avoid this stress with a shower tray repair from The Surface Saver. 

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