Why did we start The Surface Saver?!

We are quite an open-minded bunch here at The Surface Saver. It works in our favour (most of the time!) and allows us to constantly challenge our own views and question what is happening around us in society.  That, coupled with a thirst for adventure, has driven us to take on such a big risk as starting this business.

‘Driven’…that word toward the end of the previous paragraph was not placed there accidentally.  Whether a person is persuaded by a higher calling, or another sees it as their obligation to unearth important historical artefacts. Or maybe a group have decided to combine their resources to preserve an endangered species. All of them wish to leave the world they were born into knowing that they did not just ‘take’.  We feel the same.

To live and raise a family is wonderful. But knowing also know that you helped preserve, instead of just consume, is a inspiring ideology and one that we are driven by.

Yes, at the Surface Saver we are local, but we won’t always be.  Yes, it’s going to be hard to convince people to choose bath repair, worktop & flooring repairs, instead of buying new things with that ‘new thing smell’, but we’ll get there.  It is just too important that we get maximum use of our stuff, before we cast it to landfill. The resources that our planet has right now are all the resources we’ll ever have.

The material conservation message for some time has been reduce, reuse, recycle. Now, with advanced repair techniques that are available right now, we need to think reduce, reuse, ‘repair’, recycle.

Grant Baldwin (founder – The Surface Saver)